Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Okay, the joke's over. Texas and all of the other states will never be allowed to secede from the union despite the 69,000 signatures it had or the 48,000 Tennessee had or even the modest six of New Mexico. Those fools in New Mexico can’t read anyway. That horse’s ass isn’t going to bother to read the petitions or even answer them. In fact, I imagine that right now he’s sitting in the Oval Office drinking a Mai Tai laughing his ass off because someone even tried. And they tried using a web site that prick set up. Yeah, those boys and girls can kiss their Popo’s adios.
No, he’s not going to respond, and in all probability he’ll tell his enforcers to quietly figure out who it was that filed the damned things and either arrest them, get rid of them, or at the very least scare the crap outta them. Yeah, he’s the Pres now and he can get away with that kind of shit. In fact, the government’s been getting away with that kind of stuff for years now. People suddenly dying of heart attacks, disappearing one night when going out to get some ice cream or a snack, or even supposedly meeting a person. Only now, when they disappear the people have at least some idea as to what’s going on. Unfortunately, the families are still required to wait that frucocta seven years before they can be declared legally dead.
You might as well come back to the reality of it all and understand that what happened once cannot and will not ever happen again. There will be no grand Confederation of the Southern States, no Fort Sumter, no return of slavery, most importantly no return to the Constitution of the United States or Bill of Rights. In point of fact, we are simply put, fucked in the ass, and he ain’t even kissing us. You might as well also come to the realization that both that man and most especially that woman he’s married too are two of the most unforgiving people on the face of the earth, and they got the Koran to back them up. Or is it that weasel reverend Wright who keeps telling god to damn America? I can never get them straight. If you’re not careful they may send their good friend Bill Ayers out to blow your shit all over the place.
Nope, you ignorant, white cracker, SOB, you might as will give it up because you is cooked to a turn and they’s getting ready to stick de apple in your mouf.
Sound more than just a little racist?? Well it is, but not for the reason you’d think. The problem with the Obama’s is that they haven’t picked a race. They haven’t figured out if their of the American Race, the Muslim race, or for that matter even the black race. They’re just sitting in the White House living to good life while the rest of us suck hind tit! Ol’ Barrack won’t release his college transcripts because he’s afraid that it’s going to show one of two things. Either that he was a shit student who spend most of his time smoking pot and kissing ass to all of his ultra-left wing liberal professors, or that he actually got a foreign aid student loan under the name of Barry Soweto from Indonesia. BFD! At this point, what matters is that he has a hidden agenda to destroy this country and we’re letting him do it. Which can be compared only to trying to bugger an alligator on a New York street corner; you’re going to attract a crowd, but no one is going to lift a finger to help you wrestle the thing to the ground. And by the way, since FEMA has once again totally fucked up and seems to be imprisoning the survivors rather than help them, gators actually are a possibility in NYC now. At least the two legged kind.
What you dumb shits don’t realize is that that little website where you setup your petitions is a White House Web Site, and that Congress will never see the petitions, and nothing will ever happen.
I thought that Clinton was a piece of shit, but I am beginning to think that I was wrong. All he did was get a blowjob in the Oval Office. Right now we're are getting a screwing from the Oval Office, and it isn’t going to get any better. Homeland Security and the TSA aren’t letting people who are preparing for the worst to fly or travel, and they are stealing us blind whenever they get a chance. The FBI and Secret Service are arresting anyone who disagrees with the President’s policies and demand that Americans stand up and fight for what is right, and throwing them into mental hospitals because no one in their right mind would object to what is happening.
I told you that I would fight to my last dying breath to talk of America’s greatness. I also told you that in my fashion I would fight for America the best I could. Right now the problem is convincing you idiots that we must fight or lose everything. I also told you that we are about to enter into dark times, and it’s already started. What is even more infuriating is that he committed murder by ignoring the request of Ambassador Chris Stevens for help and then when the attack came ordered those who could help to stand down. With any luck that one will come back and bite him in the ass, but they’re circling the wagons now to protect his ass, and Stevens and the others will NEVER see justice done for them or the sacrifice they made.
Mark my words; within the next six months the shit is going to hit the fan. Already the stock exchange is taking hits and it will not get any better. Our economy is at the very edge and that stupid bastard sitting in the White House is going to let the country go right over the edge. Suddenly we’ll become a cashless society and everyone will suffer. The Capitalistic mentality that has kept this country motivated and going economically will disappear and there will be nothing left.
The system is failing people, and the government that our forefathers created is falling apart because you will not exercise the rights and abilities we were gauranteed because you can't be bothered to get off your asses and out from in front of your TV's to stand up and do something!
You may sit here, read this, and decide that I am nothing more than a nut job, but the simple fact is that one day soon you’re going to think back on all of this and decide that maybe I wasn’t such a nut after all. Get you shit together people!!! You are about to lose it all!!!