Monday, December 3, 2012

Jumping over the edge of the Fiscal Cliff

It’s been several weeks since the election and almost immediately, the American Public began hearing about the “Fiscal Cliff.” To my way of thinking if, Obama had started talking about this stuff during the campaign, Romney would be the President elect and Obama would be nothing more than a memory. A somewhat pleasant thought despite the seriousness of the situation we are now facing.
I won’t pretend and say that I understand all of the implications that this phrase implies, but I will say this much. With Obama still President there is absolutely no way that, we can avoid this. He will not accept any solution to the problem save his own, and his solutions will do nothing more than make conditions here in America twice as bad as they are now. While Boehner and Geithner meet secretly to hash out the agreements, which so far have been nothing more than Geithner telling the Republicans what the President will accept and Boehner saying no way Jose, the American People inch closer and closer to the edge. I have noticed one thing about all of this. Obama seems to want more stimuli within the agreement, and we all know how that little piece of legislation turned out the first time. I’ve also notice that the Democrats seem to like to make sure that at certain times little snippets of information seem to leak out, hoping that the American People will latch onto to them and start to raise hell. How’s it feel to be manipulated by your government? Or is it the Republicans leaking the information? For the life of me, I don’t have the slightest idea anymore. Somehow or other the Republicans were handed their asses during the election and now they are trying to figure out how to regain credibility with the American People. In the process, most of American is about to take it in the financial ass, and they aren’t even going to bother giving us a reach around.
So what is the Fiscal Cliff? Ok, imagine this: all of a sudden all of the money that you work your butts off for during the week is taken from you in the form of taxes, leaving you nothing to live on. If you’re retired, all of a sudden Medicare will no longer pay your medical or medication bills. The only way you can eat is to go onto Obama’s food stamp program. If you receive Social Security (Now called “Federal Entitlement Benefits”) come the first of the month it’s not in your mailbox, which means that you can’t pay things like a house payment, rent, utilities, or even gas for your vehicle. Obama will sit there screaming that it’s the Republicans fault because they won't go along with his plan. Which is a dammed lie because this is exactly what the putz planned in the first place.
Obama is not interested in solutions, what he’s interested in is more government spending, increased taxes and driving the American People into abject poverty, and making sure that Obama Care is implemented. Most especially Obama Care, since it’s designed to drag the American people further into the depths of socialism.
Here’s something that we all must consider now. We have four more years of this piece of excrement. He’s a lame duck so he doesn’t have to worry about being re-elected, which means he can do whatever the hell he pleases. If he can’t con the Congress into doing things the way he wants he’ll do it by Executive Order. What I find even more interesting is the fact that the United Nations has actually had the balls to “Order” him to punish Washington State, and Colorado for having the nerve to past laws that legalized Marijuana. Where the hell did that come from? Is this the first sign of us losing our sovereignty as a nation and falling under United Nations jurisdiction? He’s already made it possible by Executive order for Interpol to come into America and arrest whomever they want and transport them to The Hague for prosecution without benefit of due process of law as guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States.
Now with the Fiscal Cliff we have to ask ourselves; is this another technique to bring America into the fold of the United Nations. It’s true that as each day goes by America is losing more and more jobs, but according to our government our economy is recovering. BULLSHIT!! As each day goes by it is getting worse and worse. More and more people are losing their homes, the cost of electricity is climbing, and so is the cost of fuel and food, and like the dictator he is, Obama wants more and more.
Within three years you’ll be seeing film footage like what we see of the people in Africa suffering from starvation and disease, and it will be people here in America. For those of you who still remember what it was like during the great depression, that will pale by comparison.
The problems can be solved, but not by this dork. We need to cut back on Government spending, down size the government, quite sending money and jobs to foreign nations, and most importantly stop sending hard-earned American money to nations in the form of foreign aide who don’t deserve it and who hate our guts anyway.
As a nation we need to take a step back and look at what our government is doing to us and the freedoms we are losing daily. It’s time to stand up America!