Wednesday, December 5, 2012

So What Happens on December 22nd?

With all of the hype concerning the Mayan Calendar ending on December 21, I’ve got to ask the question; what happens on December 22 if the world doesn’t come to a sudden, screeching halt and there is no more planet earth. Or at least life as we know it?

Just the other day the Government made the public announcement that nothing was going to happen, life would go on as usual, and we had nothing to worry about. This to my way of thinking means that if the government is suddenly involved we’re pretty much screwed.
For my part, I have to admit to a certain amount of fear. There are still things that this old fat man wants to accomplish, and of course, there are the kids and grandkids to worry about. Will they have any kind of a future? Well, obviously not if the world ends. Stupid comment, wasn’t it?
Still, I’m betting (Hoping) that nothing is going to happen. At least as far as the world ending. And frankly, I’m getting sick to death of these programs on television talking about how maybe the Mayans might have gotten it right, or the fact that our planet is in a precarious situation cosmically. Hell! Anyone with a brain already knows that. The problem is that we don’t need to be constantly reminded of the fact.
It’s almost like the liberal media is trying to divert our attention from the important stuff and make us worry about other things rather than the things that really count. Things like the economy, and the fiscal cliff that we as a nation are about to go over. Hmmm… I can’t help but wonder if maybe that’s what the Mayans were talking about. Seems to me that would be a real world ender right there. At least from the perspective of ending life, as we know it. So what happens on December 22? Not much really.
It will end up being the same old shit on a different day and nothing will have really changed, except of course the great sigh of relief everyone is going to breath. Me among them.
We are still going to have to watch the Congress, and try and figure out a way to solve the nation’s problems. Looks like Boehner is about to cave into Obama and is making sure that those who would oppose the agreement have been removed from their positions on committees so they can't vote against it. Seems to me that now is the time for all of the Republicans to find a spine and just say no. Even if it means walking out of the Congressional Chambers and telling Boehner to stick it here the light don’t shine. Of course that will never happen, but wouldn’t it be nice if it did. The entire Republican contingent getting up in mass, flipping Boehner the bird and walking out to have a smoke on the Capitol steps. So what if the Obamanator threatens to veto a bill that reduces taxes for the middle class, cuts government spending, and doesn’t have more stimuli to blow to his cronies? He does that then it’s on him, the lame duck. Hmmm... does anyone have a recipe for a good duck sauce?
Just for the record, December 22 could actually be the beginning of a whole new world. The people of America rise up, force the impeachment of a president who actually has done nothing good for America, and force his ass out of the White House. While we’re at it, we can force the end of political parties and force congress to work as Americans instead of Republicans or Democrats. Nahhh…on second thought maybe the world should end on December 21.
See you on the other side…