Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Rant from an American to the sheeple

As each day goes by, I cannot help but wonder when the hell are the American People are going to say enough is enough!

Over the last eight years we’ve watched as our economy has been deliberately destroyed by the stupidity of an individual  and a group of individuals who think that the American people are stupid and incapable to taking care of themselves. Everything that every politician elected, including the ones who said that they were with the Tea Party and believed in the Constitution of the United States, are now doing their damndest to see to it that the government is now the parent and we the citizens are the children.

We’ve already seen an example of the government shredding the Constitution in Boston after the bombing. What essentially was martial law was declared. Warrantless searches of individuals homes, their rights under the Constitution destroyed and they just let it happen! What the fuck?

As each day goes by we see more and more freedoms being lost to the supposed freest peoples on this earth, and not one of you are willing to stand up and say, “You are a government of the people not a government for the people.” We control you, you don’t control us and this had goddamned better stop, and it had better stop now. Why have we become complacent?  Why are we letting these monumental assholes dictate to us what we as Americans can and cannot do? As I sit here trying to make people aware of what is happening to the world around us, my home, my country, is slowly and methodically being raped and there is nothing that I can do to stop it! And my heart feels like its being ripped out of my chest every time I see this government take our freedoms and shred that one document that sets before man and God what real freedom means and is.

There was a time when we were American enough to say that this is enough and to stand and fight. Now we run around like a bunch of sheep waiting for the black sheep to lead us over the cliff like a bunch of lemmings to our own destruction. Just at a time in our history when it appeared that for the first time in the history of man we had almost completely dissolved the racial divide there comes along a monumental putz and his lap dog Eric Holder, and suddenly if you disagree with their policies you’re a racist!

The laws of our country are being ignored. The President has taken it upon himself to decide what laws will or will not be enforced.  The lapdogs of the congress and the senate are doing everything they can to steal our guns in direct contravention of the second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America. Once they have completely disarmed us then the shit really starts.

Yeah, call me a nut case. It wouldn’t be the first time, but as god is my witness there will come a time when suddenly Army troops will be on every street corner, and the excuse will be as a peacekeeping force. Or better yet, that asshole in the White House will request troops from the United Nations to keep the peace and then none of us will be safe. What will you do then? Attack them with your teeth? Or will you just go along with the flow, adjust, and adapt? After all, you have to be willing to give up some of your basic freedoms to feel safe. Or is it that, you have to give up some of your freedoms in order to be lead around by the nose?

As I write these words, I’ve come to the realization that few if any will read them. And those that do read them will think; “He’s just another nut job.”  Well fuck you! You’re nothing but a gutless bunch of shits who haven’t got a hair on your ass or balls enough to stand and fight for what is right! What? You want to come and kick my ass. You think you’ve got the energy or the eggs to do it. You gonna get off of your couch and away from your television and the game to defend your honor? I doubt it! You can’t even get off the couch to get that bag of potato chips in the cupboard. You’ve got to get one of your kids or the wife to do it for you.

One day soon you’ll wake up to find that the money you’ve spent most of your life earning and saving for retirement will be worthless, or at the very least the government has come into your bank account and stolen it from you “for the good of the nation.” Then what are you gonna do? You’ve got no money to buy food for your family, the rent is coming due, and the money you do have isn’t worth anything more than wiping you ass with it. What? The Government will take care of you. All you have to do is move into an internment camp and they’re make sure that you have a cot, and maybe three meals of something that the United Nations has decided doesn’t create methane gas that endangers the environment. All you have to do is give up all of your freedoms, everything you own, or have worked for. Oh hell yeah, the governments going to take care of you. And when, like sheep, you’re lead to the slaughter mandated by the government and the United Nations, in order to reduce the population you’ll go along peacefully and without trouble.  What? The Government wouldn’t do that to us. We’re Americans. Yeah? They did it to the Jews who says they won’t do it to you? You’re nothing to them. Just a number that has to be reduced, just so much fertilizer. What? Soylent Green is people?

Chances are pretty good that once I publish this, I may get a knock on the door in the middle of the night, or suddenly disappear or die. That’s a chance I’m will to take. What are you willing to do?