Saturday, April 20, 2013

What has happened and is happening...

Over the past several weeks, I have been watching with great interest as events around the world unfolded. As I watched, the thought occurred to me that as the author of this blog I have a responsibility to not only my readers, but also to history. As time passes, my readership is growing so it is important to express myself intelligently and as accurately as possible. This is no easy feat believe me. Most especially when the lame stream media cannot get their facts right either.

Right now, at this very moment, we live in a world that clamors for information. It does not matter what kind of information and that opens the door to false and even insignificant facts. We also live in a world of constant fear and conspiracy generated by a media that chooses to ignore certain relative facts and information. I cannot help but wonder what future historians will think when they look back on this period in our history. Provided of course, there are future historians and not some old wise man telling an oral history of the tribe around a campfire.

Over the past few months we have watched as North Korea has clamored and made threats of horrible nuclear holocaust against its enemies if they do not accede to North Korea’s demands. Suddenly the past reminded us that technically we are still in a state of war with a nation that is essentially run by one of the inmates of the asylum. During the past week, we have witnessed a horrendous act of shear malevolence with the detonation of two bombs at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. An annual event that was supposed to be a day of celebration and personal victory for thousands of people, instead it was turned into a blood bath. The two brothers accused of having committed this act of atrocity were hunted, killed and captured.

Interestingly during the process of identifying and capturing them we had the opportunity to see what amounted to martial law go into place in one of America’s oldest cities. While it was instrumental helping to apprehend these two monsters, I have to ask the question; is it that easy to institute martial law??

My heat felt condolences go to the families and victims of this atrocity. Yet at the same time during this week I have witnessed law enforcement take steps and measures that worry me. Most notable among these events is a video of police officers in North Dakota arresting an active duty soldier who was carrying an assault style weapon while traversing the woods with his son while helping him to qualify for a Boy Scout Merit Badge. What astounded me was that the police were caught on video saying that they were exempt from the law and the Constitution of the United States when the soldier pointed out to them that what they were doing was illegal.

What is necessary to preserve our Constitution and our rights as free Americans? First we, all of us, must realize that we are no longer protected from the pain and suffering that plagues the rest of the world, it is here among us now. Secondly we must be more observant of the world around us, and if we see something odd or suspicious we should report it. Finally, we must not be willing to give up ANY of our rights and freedoms in order to feel safer and more secure. In reality, doing so does not make us safer or secure, but instead makes us slaves to a dictatorial government.

This applies not only to the United States, but also to all of the so-called free nations of the world. As a peoples, we must be willing to stand for what is right and proper. If we do not then there are those who would steal our freedoms and makes us slaves to their own ambitions. We must fight, and if needs be, we must be willing to shed our own blood to nourish the tree of freedom.