Monday, July 29, 2013

Another Open Letter to the HNIC

Before your little minds go in that direction HNIC mean Head nut in Charge, not the other thing, but since in the past I have been accused on more than one occasion of being a racist, it doesn’t really matter does it.

Well, you’ve done now you asshole! Yeah! I called the current President of the United States an Asshole! What’s the matter? Truth hurt? When you first became President, I wrote another open letter to you, and in it, I asked several questions. Questions that I felt should be asked of any candidate, black or white. As a result, I was attacked and called a racist. I might also add that I was fired from my job as a columnist for the local paper where I live. Therefore, as you can see my feelings toward you both as our President and as a man are less than ambivalent.
In the past, in this blog, I accused you of violating the Constitution of the United States and attempted to show those violations, but they were so numerous there just wasn’t enough room. I made the comment that by the way you were acting you reminded me of an African Dictator. I caught a lot of heat for that one also, but I’ve never been one to hold back an opinion when I believed it to be correct. Moreover, I still believe that. More now than ever before. I can hardly wait for one of your cronies in the democratically controlled Senate to put forth a bill to repeal the 22nd Amendment and make it possible for you to run for a third term.
I fought like hell to educate people on that monstrosity you call Health Care, and despite the fact that the majority of the people were telling those useless gits in the Congress and the Senate that this was not only a violation of the Constitution of the United States, it has aspects in it that were just plain wrong, both from an ethical viewpoint and from a humanitarian viewpoint, they passed it anyway. Now it’s come back to bite you in the ass and the American People are the ones who are going to suffer for it.
What really chaps my ass is the fact that you created the mega billion-dollar deficit, and the joblessness, and all of the other problems America is now experiencing, and you have the brass balls to stand up and blame everyone but yourself. You tell the American People that we have to tighten our belts, and then you take vacations to places like Hawaii, costing the American Tax payer millions of dollars to insure that you live in the lap of luxury, and that your ass is protected. I’ll bet the Secret Service just loves you!
What astounds me more than anything else is the fact that before you came to office, racial tensions in this nation was easing. We were beginning to move forward with equal rights and the idea that ALL men were created equal. Since you’ve been in office, it appears that we’ve taken several steps backwards.
I use to think that Clinton had done more damage to the integrity of the Office of the Presidency than anyone before him had. I guess I was wrong. Not only have you damaged the Office, but also in the process, you’ve practically destroyed it, along with this country. If we ever get a series of Presidents with a modicum of common sense, there’s no telling how many years it’s going to take to recover from your bullshit!
So what’s next? Oh, I forgot. That annoying First Amendment has to go so that no one else in the nation can tell you and the world exactly what he or she think. Good Luck on that one bushrod.
Have a nice day. After all, we’re paying for it!
For those of you reading this, if you're going to attack me, don't bother. It doesn't change the way I'm feeling about this clown, and it certainly isn't going to change what I've said.