Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A message from the People

Over the past few years I have written several blogs railing against our government and what is taking place.  I have come to the conclusion that someone actually needs to say something to both the members of the United Nations and to the Congress and Senate of the United States.

This is what I would say: to all of you in the United Nations, and in the Congress and Senate of the United States, it’s time that you understand how we the people, the little guy, feel about you and what you are doing to this planet.
The fact of the matter is, you no longer represent the people, you only represent yourselves and your special interest.  You have no idea how we the people.  The little guy, feel or think.  You represent no one but yourselves.  The fact of the matter is is that the only reason why you were in office is so that you can better yourselves in your circumstances.  You don’t care if people are starving, you don’t care if people need jobs, you don’t care for sick starving or dying, all you care about is you.  It’s time that you hear how we feel, it’s time that you know and understand what is going through our minds.
First of all, you may ask yourself who is this person?  I am the guy who sits in his tent in the desert of the Middle East, I’m the parent to sits in his mud hut in the veldts of Africa, watching his children starve to death or die disease, unable to help them unable to do anything but watch them dying, and grieve in their passing.  I’m the guy in America, who gets up every morning, gets dressed, eats breakfast and goes to work to take care of his family.  Or the devout Jew standing at the Wailing Wall in Israel praying to God that I survived another day and that nobody tries to destroy me for my faith.  In short, I’m the person who tries to take care of my family in the hope that they prosper and grow and become good citizens of the world.
You see, we don’t care about you, we don’t care about the power you yield, we don’t care what you think or feel, simply because you don’t matter.  All we are concerned about is the fact that we can take care of our family.  We don’t care about your wars, we don’t care about anything that does not involve us personally.
What we do care about is the fact that some petty asshole that for some ungodly reason, has found himself in a position of leadership for our country, whether it be Russia, Israel, the Middle East, Europe, even America suddenly knows best what his people needs.  What you failed understand is that we don’t need you to take care of us, we can take care of ourselves.  If you follow the respective constitutions of our nations.  Your job is to do what we want you to do, which is basically follow the laws that we as a people and the nation have established.  You don’t understand, and this applies mostly to America at this point, we have a Constitution that was laid out by our forefathers, which protects our rights.  Other nations around the world have constitutions also.  When the hell are you clowns going to follow them?
You see, we don’t want to fight your wars.  We don’t care about your wars!  What we care about is that you as a body, both as the United Nations and the Congress and Senate of the United States are not doing the jobs that you are supposed to be doing.  Ostensive, United Nations was established to end all wars and conflicts around the world, at least that’s what we were led to believe.  The United Nations was supposed to ensure the welfare of the world.  It was supposed to help those in need.  Those nations that were unable to take care of themselves because of drought, natural disasters and all of those things which affect the lives of the people of those nations who are affected by these things.  It isn’t your job to tell us what to eat with Codex Alimentarious.  Your job is not to figure out how to reduce the population of the world in order to make it more sustainable.
You see, over the years, we the people have seen or believe we have seen the United Nations and the United States government, take unusual steps and measures that worry us.  There are rumors of special camps being built, of the United Nations spending millions of dollars to purchase Guillotines in order to facilitate the removal of those you may deem unnecessary.
These are rumors to be sure, but they are rumors that have spread throughout the world with a rapidity here to for unknown in the modern world.  Whether they are true or not is beside the point.  The people of the world are worried, and as they worried they become angry.  For our brethren in the Middle East.  Most especially in the Syria, I would ask Mister Assad, what gives you the right to attack your people because they do not agree with you and your oppressive policies?  Did you use chemical gases against your people?  If you did, why?  These were living beings, children who could’ve grown up and done great things, or for that matter, raise their own families, loved and lived and been productive people.
As I write this, the president of the United States for whatever reason, is going before Congress to gain their support in order to attack you for committing this atrocity.  I’m not sure that I understand why, but that’s what’s happening at this point.
The question now becomes, what will happen if he does attack you.  You have said that the Middle East is a powder keg  and ready to explode.  Will all of the Arab nations suddenly attack Israel or attack each other?  Let me tell you, that Israel will not fall without a fight.  Having been in Israel during the 1973 Yom Kippur war.  I can tell you without a doubt that they will fight to the bitter end.  There is a place in Israel called Masada.  Masada represents the general attitude and feeling of both the Israeli military and the Israeli people.  The Israelis saying, “never again,” has absolute meaning to these people.  They will never be subjugated again, they will never be put into a position where they are eradicated as they were during the second world war in the concentration camps under the Nazi regime.  “Never Again,” means exactly that.  The worst kept secret of the Middle East, is that Israel whether they would admit it or not, is rumored to be nuclear capable.  I have been told by an Israeli colonel that if Israel is attacked on all sides, and it looks as though Israel will lose the wars they will utilize their nuclear capability and destroy not only themselves but everyone else.  This is the true meaning of Masada.
Mister Assad, destroy your own people,  if you must!  But as you do, ask yourself why they are in revolt?
Mister President, what gives you the right to become involved in what Mister Assad is doing?  It’s true, that the use of chemical warfare is forbidden, both under the United Nations and under the rules of war.  Yet at the same time, I ask you what makes the United States the policeman of the world, that we are the ones that respond and discipline those that would violate these rules?  What is the United Nations doing?  Aren’t they the ones who are supposed to be monitoring and dealing with this kind of activity?  Instead, it seems as though United States is doing their dirty work at great expense to ourselves, and great loss of life to our people.  On one hand you have decided and your party has decided that you are going to take care of the American people when they don’t want to be taken care of.  And now you’re going to take care of the rest of the world?  I think you better review just exactly what your position as the President of the United States really is!  We have no business interfering in the affairs of other countries.
When you were elected, it was with the idea that things would change in this country.  That there would be new jobs, less taxes, better opportunities for its citizens.  At least that’s what you promised the American people when you were elected.  Now it turns out that not only have you driven this country into absolute total bankruptcy, but that you have also increased the national debt exponentially over any other president since the beginning of this country.  Going by the promises that you made during your election cycle, you lied to us.  You lied to the American people, and now you want to get us into another war.  Enough is enough, Mister President, turn your vision back to the American people back to this country.  Create new jobs, get rid of Obama care.  It will not work.  It’s already destroying lives as people prepare for its implementation, it’s destroying jobs.  Its increasing our taxes, and it’s making our lives as Americans more difficult.  To the United Nations.  I say this:
it’s not your job to tell the people of the world,  what they will and will not do.  It’s not your job to dictate to the rest of the world.  What they will or will not eat.  It’s not your job to try and create a new economy based on carbon emissions.  Your job is to help those nations in need who are unable to recover from natural disaster or disease.  It’s not your job to worry about the reduction of the population of the planet.  It is, however, your job to see to it that the people of the world are able to live in peace, worship their God.  Whatever they call them whatever it may be in a peaceful manner.  It is also your job to see to it that those radicals that would decide which religion or faith will be followed by the people be eradicated.  So far, it appears that all you are good for is living the high life in New York City, while at the same time claiming diplomatic immunity whenever you or a family members breaks American law.
Now, as every man, I do not see the sense of your existence.  I do not understand the government that does not listen to its people, once they are elected by those same people.  It is essential, it is imperative, that you, as representatives of your nations and the representatives of the people of the United States put aside party lines and personal interests and start to look at the needs of the people and start to find ways to correct those problems.
In short, ladies and gentlemen, it is time that you get off your asses and start to do the job that the people elected you for.  We don’t give a shit about your problems.  We don’t care about your personal interest, what we care about is our country, our ability to worship in whatever manner we please, jobs, and the ability to take care of our families.  It’s time you start doing your job.