Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Remembering 9/11

It is difficult to remember the past, particularly when the events that we remember are  so painful and  tragic.  On this day, we remembered the destruction of the two towers and  the loss of thousands of lives that took place on the state.  Not only the lives of the people who were in the towers, but those of the first responders who came to their aid without thought and without hesitation.
            One of the things that we must remember, is that this event sparked the war in Afghanistan, where we have lost many American lives, and they too must be remembered.  As I sit here and think back on it I remember my friend calling me and telling me to turn on the television, and it was at that point we watched  the second aircraft hit the second tower.  Unfortunately at the time I did not know that one of my own personal friends was on that planet.  Additionally, another plane hit the Pentagon, which struck me more personally, as my son was at the time was stationed at the Pentagon.  We spent several days wondering if he was all right and not knowing.  That’s a kind of fear that no one should have to go through.
            As time is passed, I have noticed that we as Americans seem to have forgotten the tragedy and  the pain of that horrific day.  It is imperative for us to remember what took place.  The loss of innocent lives, of not only Americans but also many other nationalities to include Muslims.  These people were doing their day to day chores, never thinking that this would be their last day on earth, and this is a crime not only against them, but against the entire world.  For these people had no part of the philosophical war that sparked this tragedy.  For all religion is philosophical.
            Over the years,  we have developed a hatred for those who would destroy our way of life, unfortunately, those people represent a religion that most of us do not understand nor want to understand because it is a religion that suppresses our basic human  rights.  It would be nice if we could accept, and these people could accept, that each and every one of us believes in God in our own way, and that God is in every one.  Unfortunately, religious fanatics and radical Muslims have decided that Allah, or at least their version of God, demands that all of us believe as they do,  which is why we must fight in order to protect ourselves, our families and our way of life.
            What many of us do not realize, is that this attack was successful, simply because as  a result,  it did change our way of life.  It resulted in the creation of an organization called Homeland Security.  It also resulted in a series of  laws that have effectively negated  many portions of the Constitution of the United States of America.  Never before in the history of this country, have we seen the restrictions placed upon Americans that we have since 9/11.  So in effect, America’s enemies won a major battle.
            Let us remember the lives of those victims who died in this attack.  Let us remember that we must rebuild what we have lost, and regained control of our country.  It is important that we understand that freedom comes at a cost, and that there will be times when we must meet that cost.  It is also important that we understand  that in order to maintain our freedom, not only must we fight the enemies from outside of our country, but the enemies within our country.  We as Americans have a responsibility, to see to it that our elected representatives follow our wishes, as citizens of this country to ensure our freedoms and protect our rights.
            If we as Americans do not stand tall and meet our responsibilities as Americans, before we know it, we will have lost everything.
            So on this date September 11, 2013 let us once again, remember those  people that we lost during that horrible attack.  It is imperative that we do, and it is imperative that we stand and fight those both within our Congress and without who would destroy our freedoms and  take away from us those rights which make America great.