Monday, September 16, 2013

It is my hope...

I’ve been writing this blog for almost 5 years now, and I’ve often wondered if there’s anybody out there actually reading this thing. I’ve written it for a number of reasons, the foremost being that I love my country and hope that somewhere out there there’s someone who loves it as much as I do. Being an American is not only just a birthright there is a responsibility that comes with this citizenship. It also means that you have to take part in the political process, and sometimes in the military process. America is not a warmongering nation however it is a nation that will stand for what is right. And also a nation full of people who are willing to give their lives for freedom whether it be in America or in some other nation.
                This past March I turned 61 years of age, my health is beginning to fail and I am no longer able to get out there like a young man and fight for what I believe to be right and true. As I look around me I see the world that is full of nothing but strife there is no peace, there are no people who can live their daily lives without fear of having someone come into their homes and kill them or take what they’ve worked for all in the name of God and a religious belief that nobody truly understands yet claims it is religion of peace, and it isn’t really. Every day we hear of the atrocities that are committed in the name of the God that we do not know or believe in. From my perspective, religion and politics are separate, or should be. My own personal belief is who cares what God you worship as long as you are willing to worship that God peacefully without harming others, more people died in the name of God in history than can be counted and yet I asked myself the question what would’ve happened if these people had lived. Here it is 2013 years since the birth of Christ, and during that 2000 years it is been a continual struggle between mankind to determine which version of God is the true version of God. Frankly I believe that God is in every man. We talk of religious dogma without giving a thought to what others think or believe. All religions talk of being a religion of peace and yet throughout history all religions have shown a number of believable capabilities for war. According to the Arabs, Allah spoke to the prophet Mohammed and gave him specific instructions on how to spread the faith to the world.
                As a result of this, we have 1300 years of history of nothing but bloodshed and murder. The destruction of the great Library of Alexandria, the destruction of churches, people’s homes, and a history of human abuse that far surpasses anything that we could’ve accomplished during modern-days even with the atomic bomb.
                There was a time in my life when I believed in a one world government. I was full of the romanticism of Star Trek and hoped  mankind could be better than what it was. I have since learned that because of custom, location, and religious belief, that this is an impossibility that we as a people will never achieve. Yet this does not negate the possibility that all men can come together and on principle agreed that God is within every man. It also does not negate the possibility that there can be for peace within this world through the use of exploration both within this world and it seas and without the world in space.
                I cannot and will not in good conscience, rant and rave any longer about the violations of our Constitution by Pres. Barack Obama simply because under the current political situation there is no point. I will say that he is a scumbag, he is America’s first dictator, and we are responsible for putting him into office, and therefore we are the ones must pay the price.
              A Republic has ever lasted longer than 250 years. It would seem that now is our time, that our Republic is about to end. My question is what follows? Will we separate states and become small countries like Europe. How will we survive? Will our economy collapse so completely that we have no money to buy food or clothing? Will we revert to an animalistic society taking from one another those things that we need or desire? Are we ready to survive, do we deserve to survive?
                During the past 250 years, America has stood for freedom, we also stood for freedom of others, to the point where we are willing to send our young men and women overseas to fight battles for that freedom and the freedom of others. It now becomes necessary for us to start to fight for freedom within our own country, I believe that unless we clean our own house, we have no right nor the ability to fight the battles of others. We are not the United Nations police force, we can no longer afford to fight the United Nations battles for it. We must now begin looking forward, taking care of our own people, our elderly, our sick and infirm. We must find ways to create a new energy base, housing for the homeless. We must begin to work on rebuilding our manufacturing capabilities, our economy, and our ability to meet the world on equal terms.
                As a country, we have the responsibility to not only the citizens of this nation, but also to the citizens of the world. We must clean our house first before we can clean others houses.
                It is my hope and dream, that somewhere within this world, there is one person who can stand up and convince the rest of the world that peace is the only way to go. I’m not speaking of the antichrist, but I am merely speaking of an individual so strong of spirit that he is able to convince the rest of the world that oppression, dictatorship, and arbitrary government is wrong. People must be allowed their freedom, it is essential in the total scheme of things to merely enforce a basic set of laws, and allow the people to live their lives in a peaceful manner without government interference.
Yes, and if you believe that I have a bridge in Brooklyn that I’m willing to sell you. But it’s a good idea anyway.