Monday, July 28, 2014

Invasion America??

With the sudden invasion of America by illegal immigrants, one has to think about what they aren’t telling us. Instead they seem to be focusing on the fact that over fifty-thousand children from Central America have illegally crossed our borders and it is a humanitarian crisis instead of an illegal invasion of our country.
What is even more astounding is the fact that they aren’t talking about the other illegals sneaking across the borders with things such as drugs, weapons, and perhaps even components for an atomic weapon. Yeah, I said it. Atomic weapon! Oddly enough, the idea of the possibility of an atomic weapon being brought across our borders was of chief concern during the 1950’s, but now no one seems to be to terribly concern over the possibility today. Why is that??
While our attention is being diverted away from the possibility with the media’s manipulation of the “Humanitarian Crisis” of fifty-thousand children, we are ignorant of the fact that our government, and for that matter, Homeland Security, aren’t telling us all of the facts or remotely informing us of the possibility that at some point America will once again experience a terrorist attack that will make 9/11 look like a Sunday picnic.
They aren’t telling us that not only are children from Central America coming across our borders, but also trained terrorist who are preparing to attack us from within. A fact proven by discarded Al Qaeda training literature found by United States Border Patrol agents. What? Are they afraid that if America knew about this they would have a harder time taking our guns from us?
Currently with the world situation being what it is, and the American political Cabal being what it is, we are entering a dark period in the History of the United States. One that could even result in the total loss of our country, the Constitution of the United States, and our Bill of Rights.
Remember, that right at this very moment, there are countries out there who want nothing more than to see the total and absolute destruction of America, and at this very moment we have a President who on a daily basis is making this possibility more and more a reality.
There is talk of impeaching the Obamanator, but in my opinion, for what it’s worth, you stand a better chance of turning lead into gold before you see that day; and even if you were able to impeach that putz, don’t forget that moron Bidden, who is waiting in the wings to take his place. That would be like going from Julius Caesar to Bozo the Clown. Thanks to Obama we as a nation have enough problems with the respect once held by other nations for America. So much so, that the most corrupt organization on the face of this planet, the United Nations, wanted to monitor our election process.
Over the past several years I’ve made predictions as to what would happen with Iraq, Obama care, Congress, and several other things too numerous to mention at this point. So far my accuracy has been such that I am actually contemplating getting a crystal ball and hanging out a shingle to make a little extra money. I am either psychic or psycho, though I suspect there are those who would select the later in describing me.
We have another year and a half of Obama. With him waving his pen around like a Royal Scepter, signing Executive Orders like Royal Decrees, there’s no telling just how much damage he’s going to do to this nation. But mark my words, we are about to get the screwing of a lifetime unless we do something about and do it soon.