Monday, July 7, 2014

We are Loosing America

Two Hundred thirty-eight years… that’s how long America has been in existence. Historically no Republic has ever lasted longer than two hundred fifty years. Is time running out for America?
It’s been quite some time since I have made an entry into the Been Franklin Blog, this mostly because of family and health issues, but also because I wanted to sit back and see if my predictions concerning Iraq and the Middle East would come true. Also because I wanted to see if that jerk in the White House would do what I thought he would do. Not to surprisingly the predictions did come true, and that gentleman in the White House turned out exactly like I said he would.
I had once compared him to that of an African Dictator. So far he’s proven me right. He has little or no regard for the Constitution of the United States, and even less for the Congress. I, in all honesty can’t blame him for Congress though. Those Yobs can’t seem to pour piss out of a boot even with the instructions written on the heel. You’d think that they would find their balls somewhere and straighten the asshole out, but they can’t seem to get their own act together. In the meantime America is falling apart, loosing whatever definition there was of America’s borders and quietly being invaded by everyone and their uncle brave enough to make the trek from central America and demanding to be caught by the Border patrol. I’ll bet that when those poor bastards signed up for the job they never thought that they would become nothing more than baby-sitters. As for the American people, they never though that they would end up working gut wrenching jobs just to pay for these leeches to come to America and collect the money and benefits that true Americans worked their asses off for.
So, July fourth, 2014, number 238, the nation is surrounded by its enemies, we have lost whatever prestige we had as a nation that stood for freedom, thanks to numb nuts, and he is in the process of gutting the military so that we cannot defend ourselves when we are attacked. And we will be attacked sooner rather than later. There are answers and solutions, but no one seems to want to see them or recognize them or the fact that unless something is done and done now, we as Americans and as a nation are basically screwed.
I lay the blame for all of this directly at the feet of Obama and that cow he calls a wife. Publically they both have stated that “they have never been proud of America, and that the Constitution is an inconvenience”. Obama has stated clearly that if he cannot get the Congress to see things his way, he’ll rule by Executive Order. If that isn’t a Dictator, then I’m a blue faced baboon.
People talk about impeaching the bastard, but what very few people realize is that under the Constitution, impeachment proceedings must begin in the Senate. With that monumental jackass Harry Reid controlling the Senate, the chances of Obama being impeached are about as likely as me becoming the first Protestant Pope.
What worries me the most is that this horse’s ass has almost two years left in office. How much more damage can he do to America? I would recommend a call to arms, but if I did that the FBI would be on my ass in a heart beast and put me in a nut house just like they did to that poor bastard who also recommended revolution. Believe it or not, I am actually old enough to remember when the Russians did the same thing. Speak out against the Party and you ultimately spent the rest of your life in the loony bin sampling some of their drugs.
There was a time when the Fourth of July actually meant something to Americans. Now it seems that the ideas and principles that made this the greatest nation on earth mean less and less, and it’s all for the fireworks.
Get it together people! We are losing ground fast thanks to a President with no balls and his minions who are in fact the ones ruling the nation. For the love of God and Country, get off your couches and start being Americans once again.