Friday, August 29, 2014

Joint Chiefs my Ass!!

It is an unfortunate fact that at this very moment the Middle-East and the entire world face what can only be described as Crusade. This time however instead of the Europeans starting it the group known as ISIS or ISIL has taken the initiative in an effort to establish the first Calafat in almost a thousand years.
Another unfortunate fact that we seem to be ignoring is that they will not be content with just the Middle-East, but only with the entire world. Already we have been hearing from the liberal media that we essentially don’t have to worry about attacks from ISIL because they are to pre-occupied with the Middle-East. Believe me when I say that if they see an opportunity to attack us they will. Either through a bold terrorist attack, a dirty bomb, or perhaps even a nuclear weapon. They have the means, and they have the will to accomplish something of that nature.
America is in more danger than it realizes and if it doesn’t do something quickly it will pay the price. Already a national advisor to the Joint Chiefs of Staff has predicted that there will be an incident within the next six months. Frightening, isn’t it? Even more frightening now that Obama is forcing cut backs on the US Military which in effect leaves America virtually defenseless. Or does it?
I know for a fact that the Joint Chiefs have been advised as to the dangers of what is coming. I also know that the person who warned them challenged them to submit his findings to their analyst to determine if he was a nut job or was accurate in his finding and possibly his solution to the problem.
We will never be able to prevent ISIL from enter our country through our Southern borders, but we can slow them down and protect those borders better than we have. How? You might ask. Whether we like it or not, and despite “Posse Commitatus” it becomes necessary to establish a secret facility within the South-Western United States dedicated to the defense of the Constitution of the United States of America, it’s people and the Rule of Law, and see to it that as much as possible the borders of this country are protected from the incursion of those who would destroy our nation. This unit’s sole purpose would be to protect our country and nothing more. It would not be used in overseeing Americans, imposing martial law, or interfering with local government in any way shape or form. It’s one and only duty is to see to it that our borders are protected.
Of course there is no guarantee that any member of the Joint Chiefs ever saw the letters sent to them. Especially since they have to go through the vetting process to make sure that they don’t contain biological materials. And then there are their assistants who’s sole job is to read these letters to determine if they came from a nut job or are legitimate enough to forward to the members of the Joint Chiefs. Something like this could very possibly been tossed after reading the first paragraph. But it is worth thinking about. We are getting our buts kicks everywhere else in the world, maybe we can do a better job of defending what belongs to us instead of going around the world and defending countries, who in the final analysis don’t really give a shit about America and in the end would slip the proverbial knife between our ribs at the first chance.