Wednesday, August 20, 2014

James Foley, an American Hero!!

With the sudden and brutal beheading of Journalist James Foley, it has become apparent that ISIL does not have a clear understanding of America, or Americans. In fact they don’t seem to have any kind of understanding of what they are doing at all. While it seems that the Koran calls for the death of non-believers, America and Americans are great believers in a vengeance that far surpasses anything the Koran might demand of those who are Muslim.

At this moment the American military is beginning to pound the hell out of ISIL. If and when they execute the other journalist that they have in their procession, America will not only pound the hell out of them, but they will see to it that each missile and rocket will have a piece of the pig in its warhead, making sure that those killed are defiled in such a way that they will never enter paradise, they will never get their 72 virgins, and Allah will turn his back on them.
What these animals have done is nothing more than piss us off even more than they already have. While I have no influence over the military it seems that the simple solution to the problem of Syria and the Middle-East is to turn the damned place into a massive parking lot. But that’s just me. The question now becomes; what will that weak kneed putz in the White House do? At this point it would seem that he has no other choice but to send American Troops back into Iraq, wipe out the pestilence that is ISIL, and this time obtain a “Status of Forces” agreement from the Iraqi government. If they refuse to accept a “Status of Forces” agreement, then just tell them that next time they are on their own.
What you, the reader, must understand is that ISIL is not only a threat in the Middle-East but also here in America. You may think me a nut case, or a right wing radical, but the simple fact is that ISIL already has agents in America, and soon they will make their presence known through an act of terrorism that will make 9/11 look like a Sunday picnic.
For six years now I have been writing this blog trying to make the American people understand just how precarious our security truly is. It is not about illegal immigrants and children. Nor is it about drug cartels. It is about the ability of the enemies of the United States to enter into America without difficulty and make preparations to begin Jihad right here in America. Wake up! If we are not prepared to fight back and destroy these religious fanatics then we are going to end up with our heads on poles. Already back east, there are training camps for radical Muslims who are preparing for that eventuality and the government knows about them, yet has done nothing.
While America prides itself on religious tolerance, we have reached a point where we must examine the good against the bad and act!