Sunday, August 17, 2014

We are in Danger and no one is doing anything about it!

My mother, who recently passed away, used to tell me that the government used its power to subjugate the people. As I was thinking of her and the fact that she truly believed this fact, I began to realize that she was right.
With the President that we now have, and his blatant disregard for the Constitution of the United States, this fact becomes truer every day. The problem that no one seems to want to consider is that his actions leave this nation more and more vulnerable to our enemies which would see us destroyed.
Our Southern Borders are practically non-existent, making it possible for not only illegal aliens to come across into America, but also enemy agents and soldiers intent upon wreaking havoc upon our nation and its people. Already we have seen the evidence of this fact with the placing of the flag of the most evil and bloodiest terrorist group in the world, ISIL or the Islamic State, on the fence of the White House. Does that say anything to you?
It is a fact that ISIL’s leader made two statements. That being, that he would see us in New York, and the second being that the Flag of the Islamic State would fly over the White House. Many may have laughed at this statement, but it would appear that it is a statement this man intends to carry out.
Imagine if you will, agents of ISIL causing an act of terrorism so horrific that the President declared Martial Law. He can do it simply because he signed an executive order granting him the power and ability to do so. He did not consult with Congress, he did not adhere to the Constitution of the United States, he just did it. Now think about the repercussions of such an act. Most Americans would say; “Bull Shit! This is America and we have a Constitution! In essence a second civil war would break out, but this one would be a little different. Don’t think for one moment that the United States Army would not attack Americans if ordered to do so. At the least the majority of them would, simply because the majority does not have a clear understanding of what the Constitution of the United States is or what it means. There is also the distinct possibility that states will be divided and fight each other.hem into slavery or killed them.  Their call is “Convert or Die”.
It is imperative that our Administration realize the danger America is facing and quit playing golf and start taking steps to defend our borders from drug cartels, illegal immigrants who drain the resources of our country and our citizens, and most importantly from the enemies that would see us die.
Make no mistakes, our country is in danger from both without and within, and we as Americans have a duty to see to it that those mistakes are corrected and corrected quickly. If not we are in danger of losing that which made this nation the greatest nation on earth. Remember, there is nothing more dangerous than a committed fanatic, and nothing more dangerous than a committed  religious fanatic.