Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Second Message to America?

Well it seems that ISIS or ISIL, has once again done the unthinkable and executed journalist Stephen Sotloff sending a Second Message to America. The problem with this is that America is not listening. In fact all they are doing is succeeding in pissing us off even more than we already are.
The sad thing about all of this is the fact that moron we are forced to call a President hasn’t got a clue as to what is happening, and if he does he apparently doesn’t care. He’ll make some sort of brief announcement and give his condolences to Sotloff’s family and then as soon as the camera are off, he’ll be off to another golf game or some fund raiser. From my point of view he should have ordered more air strikes and made the decision to send in troops and this time do the job right.
It took me some time but I was able to get a video of Foley’s death. I am going to post it in this blog because you need to see it and then you need to get mad. It’s a graphic video so you need to decide if you want to see it or not, but I guarantee you it will piss you off.

Ok now that you’ve seen it, I want you to think about what will happen here in America should ISIS gain a foot hold here. What? You say that could never happen? Take a look at what’s happening in England. Also take a look at what is happening here in America. Already they are reporting on the death of ISIS warriors that have died in combat who are from America. Imagine if they come back from the Middle-East and form cells. There they are, just waiting for the signal. How will it start? Maybe they will select a single family and late at night force their way into the home and behead everyone in the house. Then leave their flag and another message. They already pinned a flag to the fence that surrounds the White House and took a picture of it, then posted it on the social network. That in itself is a message, and you have to ask; what happened to the White House Security? Bet they are shitting themselves over that one. For all they know instead of pinning a flag to the fence they could have fired an RPG at the White House family quarters. Maybe that’s the message they were trying to send.
Anyone with common sense would realize that they are here. Along with Al Qaida, Hamas, and a dozen other terror groups just waiting for the right time and signal. Isn’t it interesting that the Obamanator is currently forcing cut backs in our military, practically leaving us defenseless?  Or the fact that our military has not trained in over six months?
I cannot help but wonder about all of this. If you take into account that here is a man who is on record saying that he believes the Constitution of the United States is an inconvenience, and that if he can’t get  Congress to pass the laws that he wants then he’ll use Executive Orders to enact what he wants, by passing Congress. Gee… sort of sounds like a Dictatorship to me. For some reason I can’t shake the feeling that there is a prayer rug facingy east in the White House residence. But hey! That’s just me.
We talk about impeaching the putz, but in reality unless the Senate is taken over by Republicans, that ain’t gonna happen. Simply because the Democrat’s control the Senate, what people don’t normally realize is that any impeachment move MUST come from the Senate of the United States.
If you look at the reality of the whole situation, it appears that here is a man that really is doing his level best to destroy America. Hell! Even that cow he calls a wife has said that she has no pride what so ever in the United States of America.
Look! I’m not going to try and blow smoke up your tail pipe and tell you that America is perfect. It’s not! But I will tell you that America is the best of what there is, and that we are willing to help any country in need. At least that’s the way it used to be. Now thanks to Obama we are now rated economically as number two, and are just on the verge of being a third world nation. What pisses me off more than anything else is that this  jerk is incapable of accepting responsibility for the crap he does and for what he’s done to this country, and instead blames Bush (All of the Bush’s). Already we’ve seen that his health care plan is nothing but a monumental failure, and his bailouts of companies too big to fail has driven this nation to the point of bankruptcy. Too big to fail? Come on, big businesses fail all of the time, what so special about GM? What was the reasoning behind taking control of a national company and making the stock that stock holders had worthless?
During his administration he has talked about redistributing wealth. According to the national figure that have been put out, I personally am as poor as you can get, and I haven’t seen one penny of this redistributed wealth. What gives Obama? I want my handout like the rest of them, or is it because I’m not black enough? Yep, I brought up the race issue, and no I’m not a racist, but it would appear that Obama and his Attorney General Eric Holder are. For some reason, whenever possible, the race issue always seems to come up.
You know, before Obama came to office and before he appointed Eric Holder Attorney General, this nation had struggled to bring equality to the races, and there seemed to be a status quo. Not perfect by any means, but certainly better than what exist now.
Now! Bearing all of this in mind, you have to ask yourself; why isn’t Obama doing something about borders that not only allow terrorist to infiltrate our country, but practically invite them to infiltrate us, waiting to attack? How many more beheadings do we have to endure before that shithead gets his act together?