Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sept/11 - thirteen years later and we're still in the shit!

Well, here it is, another September 11 , and it’s thirteen years since that first horrific date entered our collective consciousness. On this date we remember those we lost and to many those we would lose when we struck back at the perpetrators.

The problem is that when we struck back we had no idea that in essence we were letting the Genie out of the bottle. Now we are faced with trying to force the genie back into the bottle and we will fail miserably. After last night’s speech by El Presidente I can say without a doubt that the war against ISIS will drag on for years and it is a war we are doomed to loose.
What ? you say. Yeppers we are going to lose this one. What’s more they will find a way to strike at us here in the United States. After listening to Obama’s lips move and essentially saying nothing it occurred to me that “We are so Screwed”.
ISIS is arrogant, and they have proven it countless times by their actions, believing that no one is capable of making them take responsibility for the crimes and atrocities that they have committed. This kind of arrogance is not only dangerous but it is also deadly. Deadly because it will make them believe that they can do anything they want, including striking America on its home turf.
I’m not going to sit here and tell you what a failure Obama has turned out to be, because you already know it. What I will tell you is that Obama’s plan to deal with ISIS is nothing more than an invitation for ISIS to prove a point and strike at us here at home. When they strike it will make what Al Qaida did to the Twin Towers and over two thousand people look like a picnic.
What Obama fails to realize and understand is that ISIS cannot be degraded and eventually destroyed with air strikes, he must have armed forces present on the ground to do cleanup. No matter how good our Air Forces are, they will never kill all of ISIS, and that is what must be done in order to stem the threat. ISIS will continue because its membership is fueled not only by Muslims of the Middle East, but now it appears that its ranks are being filled by Europeans and  disaffected Americans.  I have said it before and I will day it again. America is in real danger and now it appears that the rest of the world is also.
When Obama spoke all that came out of his mouth was words. There was no real plan and there was no real action spoken of. Now he not only has the task of fighting ISIS but also has the task of dealing with a Congress and Senate who realizes that Obama’s plan of action as he announced depends on a nation already at war with itself, and a country whose military is so inept, they throw down their weapons and run at the sight of a superior force instead of employing solid tactics which can not only take out the enemy but preserve the lives of their own forces.
Think about it and then think about what is coming. We are, thanks to Obama and his cutbacks of the military, are defenseless. Then remember the victims of 9/11 thirteen years ago and say a prayer for them and then one for the rest of us.