Sunday, September 14, 2014

How do you fight evil?

How does one fight what is turning out to be the most evil organization on the face of the planet? As a youngster sitting in church I used to hear all about evil, but nothing compared to what is taking place here and now with this so called organization called ISIS.

It’s like Satan himself has come from the neither world to plague mankind with just about every conceivable act of violence possible, and common sense, even for terrorist, just doesn’t exit. It’s almost as if the clown in the black hood delights in sawing off the heads of his victims with a knife and the so called political bullshit these poor bastards are forced to repeat before he does it is secondary to the act of execution. It’s almost like experiencing the Crusades 3.0, only this time we have bigger and better weapons but aren’t sure how to deal with these animals simply because through the ages we have become slightly more enlightened.
Now it seems that these shits are sending their messages of threats to not only America, but to any nation that could possibly join America in the fight. England has made no comment until now concerning what they are willing or not willing to do concerning ISIS, yet ISIS seems to think that if they cover all of their bases they will be protected through intimidation. Prime Minister Cameron clearly said what that wimp of a President Obama refused to say in his most recent speech outlining what they are not willing to do. “We will hunt down the perpetrators of these crimes and bring them to justice!”  
Just out of curiosity, why couldn’t that nitwit in the White House keep it short and simple and say the same thing? From my perspective, it’s time to kick some ass and to hell with what the politically correct liberal, bleeding heart, anti-Americans say about it. It is time for America to find it’s balls and eradicate these animals using any means possible. Evil is evil, and it’s time that these political yoyo’s realize it. Quit trying to be politically correct in the hope of making friends with these assholes. They don’t want to be our friends, they want to convert us to their brand of Islam or destroy us! That much is pretty obvious considering that they have already murder three people in the most horrific way and then shared the act on social media. What’s more, they just haven’t come to the realization that all they are really doing is pissing us off even more. They want the rest of the world to recognize them as a nation thereby establishing a Caliphate, but instead the rest of the world is recognizing them as nothing more than terrorist animals that should be put down like the rabid dogs they are.
Once again, I point out to the administration and all Americans that we are not safe and that one day soon the message ISIS is trying to send will happen closer to home and in such a way that we cannot ignore it, and it will happen sooner than they think.
Both the Republicans and the Democrats have failed the American people, and it’s time for them to stop fight party politics and start thinking of America and the American people. So far all they seem to be able to do is try and find ways to change the Constitution of the United States and create useless laws designed to steal our freedoms while letting the devil beat at our door with a bloody knife and the one and only desire to kill all of us. If we don’t make a positive move now, that’s exactly what’s going to happen.