Friday, October 24, 2014

Is anyone Listening????

I’m getting damned sick and tired of tell everyone what is going to happen in the world around us, and having everyone ignore me. Yet when it happens everyone is shocked at what has taken place.

            I warned everyone that ISIS would attack America with single lone wolf attacks and I was ignored. Now it has happened not only in New York, but in Canada also. Come on people! ISIS is the most dangerous terrorist group on the face of the earth. They are funded, they have money, and they have the will and commitment to see to it that the infidel is destroyed, and we are it.
            While everyone is frightened by the fact that Ebola has finally made it to our country, and rightly so, they are ignoring the singular most dangerous group of people the planet has ever known. WAKEUP!! I stated that they would infiltrate America through our non-existent Southern Border, and now a congressman is telling the world that he has learned from the U.S. Border Patrol that they have captured five ISIS agents trying to infiltrate into America. Yet Homeland Security is trying to call the congressman a liar. Who’s telling the truth here? An organization that was and is designed to remove any and all protections of the Constitution of the United States or a man who received information from what would appear to be a reliable source?
            We may never know the whole truth or what is really happening, but at this point with Ebola and ISIS we are running the very real risk of a major plague in this country and a very real possibility of a major terrorist attack.
            I sit at night and watch the news and am astounded by the fact that these turkeys such as Hannity, and Bill O’Reilly, and all the rest are ignoring the facts and then all of a sudden they announce exactly what I and others have been saying for months, even years. Over the years I have had over 22,000 people look at the Been Franklin 1776 site, and yet no one seems to be taking me seriously. I have called that idiot in the White House everything except a Blue Faced Baboon, and yet they haven’t had the balls to arrest me like others and have me thrown into a mental hospital to see if I am sane or what.
            Hello?? Is anyone out there?? Does anyone even care anymore as to what happens to this country? It will happen slowly in the beginning. Then as time passes it will get worse and worse, almost like Stephen King’s Novel, “The Stand”. At the same time our infrastructure will begin to collapse. People will begin to die in the streets and our government will collapse, as well as our economy. Once that happens we will be on our own, but with the added problem of ISIS since they don’t care whether they live or die. What will we do then? Roll over and give up? Do I sound panicky enough? Does it sound like I’ve lost my mind?
            Look, I’m not a Tea Partier, simply because those guys don’t have a real clue as to how to get what they want or how to go about it. I am guy that for some reason can look over the edge of darkness and see what’s coming. What’s coming is not pretty, and it is frightening. Not just for America, but for the entire world. You need to wake up with the rest of us and get your fat asses off your couches and out from in front of the idiot box and start thinking of how you are going to protect yourselves, your families, and your country. This isn’t a joke people and even though I may sound like a nut job, you need to start listening. One of these days, nature, the government, even terrorist are going to turn your world up side down, and then what are you going to do?