Thursday, October 2, 2014

Martial Law and Ebola

There have been times in my life when the frustration level has climbed beyond endurance, and this is one of them. Not long ago I predicted two things, the first being that Ebola would finally make its way into the United States, which has now happened in Texas of all places. The second was that within three to six months there would be an ISIS like attack within the United States. Both have come true.

I have to admit that it really frost my ass when I’m right and no one listens to me. But hey! I’m just a nut job who writes a blog that some people happen to read for the entertainment value more than anything else. The fact of the matter is that I have been calling the shots with some amount of accuracy for several years now. First with my internet radio show “Plain English” and then with this blog “Been Franklin 1776”. It’s sort of like standing on the dividing line between the real world and the shadow world. Over the years I have been fortunate enough to meet and work with some of the most insightful gentlemen in the journalistic business, Bill McMichael’s and Ryan Genovese. And while I may play the comic relief to these two gentlemen, I’m sure that they will tell you that my accuracy rating is pretty good. I do make what on the surface seems like baloney predictions, but as time passes I am eventually proven right. What I am seeing now is frightening and you need to know about it.
Ebola has finally made it to the United States, and as such despite the so called precautions that are being taken by the Texas Health Authorities, it is going to get away from them and an epidemic of monumental proportions is going to result. This being the case the CDC will issue an emergency notification and in all probability that yoyo in the White House will exercise his right issued by himself under Executive Order to declare Martial Law. That’s one possible scenario, the other is that within the next three to six months we will begin to experience a deluge of ISIS like attacks where the government can no longer declare the attacks to be work place violence and is forced to accept the fact that ISIS is here and they want our blood. In which case the Obamanator will exercise his right to declare martial law, which of course he gave himself through Executive Order. Either way we are pretty much screwed. Add to that the “Entrovirus” that seems to have spread across the United States with lightning speed striking down our young children. Now that one certainly has me thinking.
I didn’t realize it at the time, but the moment that Obama took office, our country began to change, and not for the better. Already we have financially taken it in the shorts with our International Credit rating being downgraded and our national debt climbing to astronomical proportions. It’s almost as if we are on the verge of becoming a Banana Republic.  Despite the lies that moron in charge is trying to tell the nation, we are going downhill and doing it quickly. There is going to come a time in a very short while when we lose everything that our forefathers fought for, and our young men and women died for. In short, America is about to enter a new dark age, and the enemies of our nation will gladly help us along.
One Congressional Candidate made the prediction that there would be no elections due to Anarchy. I think that he is understating the situation. One day America will wake up and find that there is no electricity, due to an EMP attack or massive solar flare, and as a result there will be food shortages because trucks are unable to transport it to our grocery stores. There will be food riots, and possibly revolution. States will withdraw from the Union and our government will collapse.
These are things that we as Americans must think about and prepare for if we are to survive.