Sunday, December 20, 2015


Yes, it’s been a long time since I’ve written anything for the blog. The only excuse that I can offer is that it seems no one is paying attention and that ass wipe and now the Republicans are betraying America faster and faster as we finally come to the end of Obamanator’s term in office. That is providing he doesn’t declare martial law. Ohhh, you didn’t know or hear that shit for brains signed another Executive Order giving him the power to declare Martial Law?? He has you know, Executive Order 12919. Snopes says that the conspiracy theorists have gone over the top on this one and that it’s merely a revision of an EO that has been in existence since President Truman, and one that has been updated or changed by just about every President since. Which I find kind of weird and interesting since not only does it give the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA dominion over both commercial and private resources it also allows the government the ability to seize and control whatever they may deem necessary for Defense Preparedness. But be that as it may be, we have until the elections in 2016 to find out whether it’s true or not. From the way things have been looking with ISIS, Turkey, China, and Russia lately there is that possibility. There is also the possibility that World War Three could break out at any moment. Especially since Russia is severely pissed at Turkey, which by the way is a NATO Nation, for shooting down one of its jets for over flying its air space without permission. This basically means, that if Russia attacks Turkey then all of the other NATO Nations are obligated by the NATO treaty to come to Turkey’s defense? Guess what that means Gumba’s. Oh yeah, let us not forget that Russia is blatantly flying heavy bombers over America air space and China is flying over Japanese air space and America air space. And what is that pussy in the White House doing??

Then there is the basic issue of ISIS, which isn’t as weak as the western nations would like it to be, and also means that no matter how much you bomb them, it doesn’t really matter since most of them are already in the United States having come across the Southern Border of Mexico. Yeah, viva la Mexico, who could give a rat’s ass about American other than it’s a good way to get rid of their poor and destitute. Let’s see. We just had what the government is grudgingly now calling an act of terror in San Bernardino, California, which no doubt is pissing of that carpet banger in the White House, who still refuses to admit that we are fighting a war with Radical Islamist Terrorist, with members of CAIR standing behind him telling him , now that’s not what happened and we are so afraid that the rest of America is going to take it out on good honest Islamic Muslims living in America. Well, from my perspective, having read the Koran from front to back or is that from back to front, and over close to 1400 years of history there is no such thing as a good honest Muslim. But hey, that’s just me and all the poor bastards who have had their heads cut off, and all of the Christian Arabs that they’ve murdered. Hey CAIR, and all of you Imans around the world. You recruiters for ISIS here in America, You wanna declare a Fatwah on me? Come on I dare ya! I’m so damned mad right now that I really do want to kill one of you pricks just to show you what happens when you screw with real Americans.

As for the Republicans….jeez…what can I say? Trump’s a clown who has figured out just how pissed Americans really are and is playing to what they want to hear because no one else is saying it, and who in the end will never have the support of the Republican Party even if he is elected (fat chance), Carson is to mealy mouthed and nice, and isn’t really giving any kind of plan as how to deal with the crap we have to deal with, Rubio is just a plan old pansy, and Ted Cruz has figured out that if he mimics Trump but puts it in a more palatable form he’s got a chance. The Democrats have run old Bernie Sanders out to be a figure head robot running against Hillary, who they have already decided is going to be their nomination. Provided of course she’s not in jail by that time. In the end, no matter who’s elected the American people are basically fucked..

Frankly, I’d say that it’s time for the American People to find their balls and get out there and do something about what is happening. But hey, what am I talking about. No one is listening to me any way. Get ready people, the shit is about to hit the fan and you are going to be caught with your thumb up your collective asses trying to figure out what the hell just happened.