Sunday, June 19, 2016


As a Christian Conservative the idea of Homosexuality is something that I find difficult to understand or accept on a personal level. Yet at the same time I understand that it is as much a part of the human condition as breathing. We read in the Bible that it is wrong and for the most part accept it as such. Yet as a Christian I also remember what Jesus said about "Judge not lest yea be judged."

For the moment let's forget that the victims of the "Pulse" Nightclub were gay. Let's forget that they chose to live a different kind of lifestyle than the majority of us do. Let us however, remember that first and foremost they were Americans. Let us also remember that they were human-beings, with many of the same desires that you and I have. To be loved and cared about. To be remembered by friends and family, and most importantly, to have mattered. Let us also remember that ALL lives matter, despite what some would have you believe.

The 49 people who were cold bloodedly murdered by what is now known to be an Islamic Terrorist should be a reminder that ISIS hates America and everything it stands for, and will do whatever it takes to destroy us. We have a President who for what ever reason refuses to acknowledge this fact, and dances through his days thinking that the Alice in Wonderland world he has created for himself will be a legacy of greatness of his Presidency, when in reality it will do nothing more than show the world that there really was a moron that somehow or other made it to the White House due in part to the complacency of the American People.

It does not matter that the victims of this heinous act were gay. It does matter that they were Americans and that it's time for us, as Americans,  to stand up and acknowledge the fact that acts of terrorism have finally become the reality of our society.

Right now, at this very moment America finds itself in the most precarious position of its entire existence, politically, morally, and financially. Unless we as a people standup and tell the government that this must and will stop, it will continue until the rule of law and the Constitution of the United States fail completely and we become nothing more than a society of victims waiting for invasion and the loss of everything our forefathers have spend the past two hundred years fighting for.

There are solutions to the problems, but no one in the government seems to be will to even consider them for fear of loosing what wealth and power they have gained personally. America was once a great country, and it can be again, but it will not happen with either Trump or Clinton. Trump is basically an idiot, and Clinton is basically a greedy twat who has lied to the American people continually, and found herself the presumptive Democratic Candidate long before the primaries. There is proof that the Democrats had known she would be chosen as the Democratic Candidate and that they payoffs were in. Trump through some weird joke of fate became the Republican Candidate in much the same way Ross Perot would have, but this time around the Republican Party didn't have balls enough to tell Trump that he either dropped out of the race or face the fact that the Party would not support him. Now all they are concerned about is offending the helmet headed SOB instead of convincing Paul Ryan that he has an obligation and Duty to America and that he had better get off his ass and do the job he supposed to do.

As for the victims of this most recent act of Terrorism and their families, I send to you my heart felt condolences, and prayers and the hope that once America get's it head out it ass, it figures out that this was not just an attack against gays and the LGBT community, but an attack against all Americans.