Thursday, June 9, 2016

This is NOT America!!!

As many of you know, Trump is not one of my favorite people. I consider him to be a clown of monumental proportions, with no real governmental experience, no real idea as to foreign policy, and absolutely no respect from other foreign leaders, and absolutely no respect from the Republican Party. However!

I find it absolutely reprehensible at what seems to be taking place at his political rallies and to those who attend them. This country was formed in such a manner that any and all could protest and make their positions known. This is their right under the First Amendment, but I have discovered that even the First Amendment can be abused.

What gives a protestor the right to physically attack someone who has attended a political rally of an individual they don't like? What gives them the right to punch an elderly woman in the face, or even strip the shirt off of the back of an individual and beat him or her because they support or even wear clothing with the emblem of the candidate they support? And while the first amendment gives them the right, is it truly necessary to burn the American flag and shout slogans demanding that Mexico take back the lands that now belong to the United States? I don't know about you, but Mexico hasn't done such a hot job of taking care of its own people. What makes you think that they'll be able to take care of millions more? Hell, they actively send their illegals to us to take care of and even have a government agency that gives out information and routes that are safest to travel.

It is the right of all Americans to politically support whom they choose and vote for whom they choose. It is also the right for Americans to protest. It is does NOT give the right to attack and harm people just because they choose to exercise their Constitutional Rights.

What has and is taking place is not America! It is nothing more than an angry mob who has no concept of what America is supposed to be, and who would destroy the one thing that makes America great. The freedom to take part in the political process without fear of harm.

What irks me is the fact that a liberal mayor decided that what was taking place was the candidate's fault and was slow in having the police take action. This asshole should be removed from office because it's clear that he has no concept of what America is or what it represents.

As for the protestors; If you think that Mexico would do a better job of taking care of the people, with its drug cartels, kidnapping and murdering of women, or corruption, them move to Mexico and leave the rest of us in peace and let us get on with the process of getting on with solving our problems.

I may not like Trump, but I think even less of Hillary Clinton, and frankly this election cycle could actually mean the end of America as we know it. Get a grip people, because you are about to get fucked in ways you never thought possible.