Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day is Today....Remember them

It would seem that all of the Bill Mauldin cartoons that I had posted here yesterday have been removed. That is truly ashamed.

I will say this to all of you who read my blog; It is imperative that we remember those who served our Country in the name of Freedom. Not just those who did not return, but those who did return, and those who returned wounded, or damaged in some way.

For those of us who fought in combat, there is no easy way to explain the pain and suffering we've experienced whether we were physically or mentally wounded. It is important that we know you understand this fact, and it is important to us that you acknowledge our service to this country. That acknowledgement means more to us that you realize.

As a nation the men and women of the Armed Services have fought in the name of Freedom world wide, trying to help those who want it and crave it like a heroin addict craves a fix. Freedom is the most important goal anyone can attain, and at the same time is the hardest. That is where we come in, helping to fight for that Freedom and giving our lives in so many different ways so that others can experience what we have been fortunate enough to have been born into.

It is incumbent upon us as Americans to remember those who have given their lives, and let the world know that we honor them, both dead and living.

Some times it is difficult when our government takes away benefits that were put in place to help our veterans, but as a people it is important that we stand up and remember, and if we must, fight to remind the government that these men and women gave their lives upon their orders and that their sacrifice should not be ignored or forgotten.

Remember these men and women, and say a quiet prayer for them to let them know that as a nation we care and we remember.