Thursday, May 12, 2016

I guess we're done....

Recently, with the apparent nomination of Donald Trump is the presumptive candidate for the GOP and of course his presumptive opponent Hillary Clinton, I have come to realize that this nation for the first time in its existence faces the very real possibility of disintegrating just as the Roman Empire did when it was a Republic.

Among the many things that I have realized is that politics is not about what is best for nation but what is best for the individual candidate running for office. Donald Trump with his millions of dollars has run a campaign that can be only compared to that of a circus, while Hillary has run a campaign where she is willing to do anything and everything it takes to win not only the nomination but the Presidential election. It has been said that politics makes for strange bedfellows, from what I have seen and what I have experienced, it shows me that politics is nothing more than who can grab the most power and have the most control.

I don’t know who will win the election, but I do know that my country, my nation, is at the brink of total and absolute destruction. I don’t know how many of you will read this and pass it around if any at all, but I want to take just a moment to tell you about my America, my nation.

I grew up in three places in my life, Alamogordo New Mexico, which was a small town full of hope and optimism for a bright future. It was a town where you can walk away from your home and leave the doors unlocked and be gone for several weeks and know that when you came home everything would be in its place and that your neighbors would look out for you and make sure that everything went well while you were gone. It was a place for children to play in the streets and not have to worry about gangs or gang warfare, having the children kidnapped by sexual perverts, and parents knew where their children were at all times because the neighbors looked out for them. And a kid could write his tricycle from the edge of town all away to the middle of town and have the local pharmacist come out and tell them that their mother had called and told them to get home as quickly as possible. The second place I grew up was Pico Rivera California, which was a little bit different but the neighborhood was pretty much the same as Alamogordo, and the third place was Tucson Arizona, which is where my family had come from originally. We lived out of town in the middle of the Arizona desert, and it was here that I learned from my grandfather about ranching, Indians, and honesty and integrity.

You have to remember that this was in the 50s 60s and 70s and while the rest of the country was in turmoil over race issues and equal rights, these were issues that we saw in television and did not truly affect us in our homes, simply because race was not an issue. We live next to Mexicans, Blacks, even Arabs, and others from different countries around the world and we were able to get along fine because there was a certain amount of respect for each other that for some reason just did not exist in any other part of the country.

As a youngster I firmly believed in the greatness of America and that America could do no wrong. I was pretty na├»ve back in those days, and had no real idea as to what the politicians had and were turning my country into. It’s important for you, all of you, to understand the simplicity of that kind of love for one’s home, one’s family, and one’s nation. It is important for you to also understand that from that love comes greatness, a greatness that is seen by the rest of the world. At one time America dealt with its international neighbors on an equal basis, and with respect. That’s not to say that we gave in, but it is to say that we were willing to debate the issues at hand and come to a reasonable conclusions. It also meant that we would not be threatened but at the same time we would not threaten unless it was absolutely necessary.

As time has passed, over the years I’ve watched my country gradually become a joke among the international community. I’ve watched several presidents come and go but never in my life have I seen any of the same caliber as the turkeys that are running for office now and of the turkey that is currently in office. There will come a time when the American people finally wake up and see what is happening, but I cannot help but wonder if that time will come when we are being invaded by another country who wants our resources, our land and everything that they do not have.

I’m turning into an old man now, and as each day passes I find it more and more difficult to live the kind of life that I did when I was 25 or even 35. I pray for my country every day and hope that somehow God works a miracle and does not let history repeat itself, for if it surely does we are, all of us, doomed to a new dark age that surpasses anything that is ever happened in the history of this planet. God bless all of you no matter where you are at and what god you worship.