Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Trump Won, so what! Live with it!!

Ok, I waited for the election baloney to end before writing this simply because neither candidate thrilled me and frankly it was entertaining to watch Trump and Clinton go at each other. Jesus! What a couple of yobs.

So now that it’s over I find that the libtards, Hollywood actors, nuts, and freaks are even more entertaining. One problem. Trump won. The Electoral College voted him in and then cast their ballots as required by the states. It was then certified by Congress. Trump won. Get over it for Christ sake and quit making fools of yourselves by standing up in meetings and on the streets screaming “This is my country!”

NEWS FLASH…. It’s my country also, as well as the next guy or gal. Get on with life and let’s see what happens. If he screws the pooch there is always impeachment. Who knows he might actually do a fairly good job. If you think about it he couldn’t do any worse than the Obamanator.

Everyone’s problem with Trump is that he’s an asshole and he knows it, and he really doesn’t care. Another problem is the fact that all of the illegal aliens who snuck into this country are afraid that he’s going to see to it that they are caught and shipped back to whatever country they came from. Admittedly this issue is a bit more complicated than you think, but in point of fact there are issues that are going to take some creative thinking to solve. Trump’s issue seems to be that it’s necessary to deport the criminal element of the illegal aliens and then work on the other issues that seem to go hand in hand with it all.

What tickles the hell out of me is the fact that somehow or other the Russians is now being blamed for Trump’s victory. What happened? Did they send secret subliminal messages to everyone on the Internet telling them to vote for Trump? You watch that one will come up eventually. Hillary is just sitting back and watching and laughing her ass off instead of going public and telling the nut jobs to settle down and act like responsible adults instead of children pitching fits.

The fact of the matter is that America has a shitload of problems, and those problems need to be solved. So far the Democrats have tried to solve them by dumping trillions of dollars into it all and ultimately having the money end up with Democratic cronies and even bigger problems. You can bet that whatever Trump attempts to solve the problems the Dems are going to fight him tooth and nail, simply because they are stupid and Trump is a Republican. I have to give Trump credit for one thing; he doesn’t trust the Republicans any more than he does the Democrats. But then the feeling seems to be mutual. The problem with the Republicans is that they lost also. None of the candidates they were willing to support even made it to the finish line, bailing out long before the Republican Convention, and that just plain pissed them off since Trump wasn’t one of them. Can you say Ross Perot??

Trump’s selection for his cabinet is and has caused a great deal of turmoil giving the media more cannon fodder than a WWI trench war. That process is going to be interesting.