Monday, January 2, 2017

The Future...

Since I am not Nostradamus or any of those other fortune tellers that seem to be able to prognosticate the future of the world, I thought that I would give it a try from the point of view of what is happening now. In other words take the available information and express an opinion. Such as it is.

The problem that we have is that there is so much information and it comes almost at the speed of light.

On News Years Eve an ISIS (Islamic State, ISIL, IS) gunman attacked a night club in Turkey, killing an estimated 39 people and wounding countless others. An act of terror to validate their existence to the world, but an indicator of what's to come here in the United States. To be sure we have had a few incidents that have been called terrorist attacks, but nothing of the magnitude of this,  and nothing of the magnitude of 9/11. BUT! It doesn't mean it won't happen in the United States, and if it does it will be even bigger than the destruction of the Twin Towers. You might ask; how does he know this?? Ok, First of all use your melon (head), our Northern and Southern borders are as porous as a sieve and anyone serious enough to want to come into the United States secretly can and will. Particularly at the Southern Border. The Border Patrol (god bless them) just do not have the man power or equipment to catch everyone, and the drug cartels have proven this countless of times, along with the coyotes bringing illegal immigrants across. Interestingly, I have talked with several Border Patrol Agents over the past several months and have been told that on more than one occasion they have found pamphlets written in Arabic giving instructions on how to get across the border and how to avoid the Border Patrol. One thing that you have to remember is that these individuals are military trained which of course puts the Border Patrol at a disadvantage. Once they are in the States there is no telling what will happen. Frankly I am surprised that nothing happened at the New Years celebration in New York. But then the New York police has to be given credit for the steps and measures they took to ensure the safety of the celebrants. It doesn't take a genius to understand that we aren't as safe as we would like to think we are. That fact will become abundantly clear sooner or later.

Russia and Putin seem to be in the news lately. Numb Nuts, I mean President Obamanator, has charged the Russians and Putin with cyber attacks which are supposed to have affected the election, giving Trump the winning advantage. This is horse shit of course since it has already been proven that Trump did indeed win the election, simply because the American people are fed up with the Democratic exclusionism despite what kind of lies they try to tell the American people. As I have said before, there is no guarantee that Trump will do better or solve all of our problems, but the liberal babies out there are making all sorts of threats. Some have stated that he'll never be inaugurated, and some have said he'll be impeached. Come on you morons, he will be inaugurated, that's a given. Whether or not he's impeached is another story. I will say that the damned Republicans had better get their shit together and start to talk with the Democrats instead of ignoring them. I'm not going to make any prognostications on Trump yet, simply because it's to soon.

It's pretty apparent that 2017 is going to be at least interesting. Hopefully it will be a good year for both all of you, and for the country.