Thursday, January 12, 2017

Give it a rest you morons!!!

I'm getting pretty damned sick with listening to you bleeding heart liberal duck fuckers bitch and complain about the Donald. I think that the icing on the cake was that fat pig Rosie O'Donnell demanding that martial law be declared until all questions with Trump can be cleared. Shit! That bitch's kids hate her guts to begin with and she thinks her opinion matters. Then again what makes me think my opinion matters. Besides she has the personality of a rabid Cossack on an acid trip. But that would be giving Cossacks a bad rap.

So far this week we've seen the Republicans give Trump's nominees to his cabinet nothing but shit, and the Democrats ask questions about so called compromising documents and videos as published by "Buzz feed". Who its beginning to appear are Buzzed to begin with. Hmmmm...maybe I can get them to share a little of that.

Come on people! Get your heads screwed on right and get over your selves. No matter what you say, no matter how you put it, the Trump is the next President. So far everyone is talking about his ethics, moral character, and whether or not he a snatch grabber. He may be but that's another story. If he screws the pooch, impeach his ass, but for the love of god get over the baloney and lets see what happens.

As for the media, listen guys there used to be a time when you did indeed shape the history of the world. That was back in the days when you actually reported the news and talked about issues that actually meant something. Like back in the days when Edward R. Morrow finally made the American people wake up and tell that little drunkard Congressman who was so forgettable I can't even remember the little bastard's name, that not everyone was a Communist and knock the shit off. Now days all you do is create crisis and try to influence people with you bullshit and lies. One hundred and fifty years ago, when the news came from the local news paper, and the editor was directly answerable to the people, was when news was news and even though the editor or reporter expressed and opinion it was a given that it was his opinion. Sometimes people agreed with them and did something about it. Now days the police are loosing their lives because the media is giving traction to weirdo groups who want nothing more than to see the law fail, giving them the opportunity to break it and do what ever they please.

You watch. Some one is going to read this and then play the race card. Fuck you! Its already been done, and if you want to get technical, my people were sitting on the beach when you clowns arrived.