Friday, February 3, 2017

Kiss the Darkest Part of my Lilly White Ass!!!

Today was the day! I have finally reached the point where I have absolutely no respect for my government or the self centered, self aggrandizing, self serving, politicians that comprise the government of the United States. They are nothing but a bunch of greedy ass wipes who have no other purpose in life than to serve their own personal needs and the needs of their political cronies, and this includes that horses ass Trump!

I am sitting here watching a congress and Senate play piss ant games with each other concerning nominations of Trump's cabinet, and I am watching Trump back away from promises that he made during his campaign. I personally don't give a flying fuck about his immigration orders, and I care even less about Dodd Frank. What I care about is the fact that because of Obama and his fucking Obamacare, I suddenly find that I don't make enough money in a month to live like a human-being. All thanks to Medicare and the money that those pricks are now suddenly taking out of my SSI. Hell I was barely making it with what I was getting. Now I have to apply for food stamps, and find a way to generate some sort of income that doesn't violate the income rules for SSI. Which in this part of the country is next to impossible. Oh by the way....I live in Alamogordo, NM. If god were to give the planet an enema, this is where he would stick the tube in. Where am I, a one legged sixty-five year old man is going to find a job or extra income in a town where the first actual grocery store in this town was established thee years ago?

What pisses me off more than anything else is the fact that despite what Trump and our Representatives try and tell us, they actually don't give a fly fuck about us. All they care about is what they can gain financially and personally. Screw Them! They are nothing more than a bunch of crooks who think that we are so stupid that we can't figure out what the hell they are doing.

As for Trump. yeah ok, he's keeping his promises that he made during the campaign, but who the fuck cares. When are the Congress, Senate, and the President goin to start looking and solving the problems the every day people  are dealing with. I'm starving to death and you talk about a poverty line that I would happen to be at because I could live like a human-being. I make less than  $6,000 a year, and I am supposed to survive on this?

For all of you out there reading this and going "boohoo poor bill" , fuck you! You try living on nothing. I eat once meal a day and the rest of my money goes to rent, internet, and medicine co-pay's. I understand that Alpo dog food taste pretty good if prepared right. I guess that I am going to find out. The only problem is that based on the diet I'll have to eat and the fact that I can only afford to each once a day, I'll be dead before I'm seventy. Which is probably what the government wants anyway.

Wake up government. The American people are about to wake up and stuff your own dicks straight up your asses.