Sunday, January 29, 2017


Its getting harder and harder to support an individual that has constantly proven to be an idiot. I am of course speaking of our dear President.

Almost on a daily basis he has continually showed America and the rest of the world what a moron he is proving to be, and it's beginning to look like his staff and advisors have totally lost control of his actions. Up until  this point I didn't even know that there actually was a POTUS account on Twitter. Perhaps it would be a good idea for Twitter to revoke his account. Jesus Christ! I have never in my life seen anyone alienate so many countries so quickly as this clown has. USE YOUR HEAD DUMMY!! It is possible to accomplish the things you want to accomplish without pissing everyone off. At the rate you're going we'll be at war, either a civil war, or a war with some other country within the next six months.

His most recent escapade with the immigration order is probably the stupidest thing he's done to date. While I agree that something has to be done, there are better ways of doing it. So far you've managed to piss off most of America and the world because you didn't use your head. So what happens next?

I never liked Obama, but at least he made an effort to maintain the dignity of the office of the Presidency, and even though he resorted to tactics that I found distasteful, he didn't pick fights with the rest of the world on Twitter, and tried to maintain relations with our allies. The issue of Mexico could have been dealt with differently and in a manner that may have pissed them off, but not to the point where they wanted to cross the border in force and kick our asses.

Now we have the problem of California wanting to leave the Union and become a nation in its own right. Having lived in California for several years that might not be such a bad thing, but if they do, it opens the door for the dissolution of the entire country and quite possibly civil war. History will repeat itself since it was the succession of several Southern States in the 1860's that started that one, and frankly having California as a country sitting on our western border kind of frightens me. California may be the land of fruits and nuts, but the idea of pissing them off is not a bright one.

I am begging you sir, shut your cake hole, listen to your advisors, think things through carefully and when you take action be reasonable and don't take action by kicking everyone in the nuts. Take a step back and start again, this time be presidential and for the love of God, stop using Twitter!!