Friday, January 27, 2017

Eating a little crow, maybe....

Ok, so I make mistakes, and on occasion I get sucked in on certain stories. That last one being a case in point. In preparation for doing my level best to burn the Trump I started doing some serious research and made some discoveries that sat me back on my butt.

Some of the things that I discovered I personally didn't like, some I did like, and some I have to admit that I never thought that I would ever see. One of the things that I at least raised an eyebrow over was the ever popular pipeline from Canada to the Southern Coast of America. Obama had put the cabash on that one, yet within a matter of days Trump signed an order removing the restrictions Obama had put in place allowing the construction of the Pipeline to move forward. More jobs, and a move toward making America energy independent. I personally am not sure of what the environmental impact is going to be, and frankly at this stage of the game I don't particularly care. Not because I am anti-environmentalist, far from it, but because this is one of those political bullshit scenarios that has been driving the country crazy and it needs to end. I also point out that the oil company still has to apply for the permits, which in all probability they won't get for environmental reasons. (catch 22).

The next thing is the fact that Trump stopped a shitload of money from going to the Palestinians which Obama ordered sent to them at the last moment before leaving office. COME ON!! You know what that money is going to be used for. While I was in the Army I had the occasion to be sent to Israel from Germany as an advisor during the 1973 Yom Kippur War. Let me tell you, the Arabs hate the Jews with a passion that can only be compared to that of Nazi Germany, and given the chance they will do anything in their power to destroy them.

Trump it seems has been very busy keeping as many of his campaign promises as he can, given the circumstances. He himself, has admitted that some of the things he promised are going to take time because of the slowness of Congress, which it is well known takes it time to do even the simplest things. One thing he did was order that the "Wall" begin construction immediately. What people don't seem to realize is that several years ago Congress ordered that a Wall be built. Part of it was built but then for some reason they lost interest in it. All Trump did was tell them to get off their asses. The problem that I see here is that Trump has stated the Mexican Government is going to pay for it, and the Mexicans promptly gave him a single digit salute. Trump replied that he would impose a tariff on anything coming into the country from Mexico and that's how they would pay for it. You know, for a business man, I have to admit that his concept of economics is a little screwed. If he adds a 20% tariff to all of the shit that comes from Mexico we are the ones going to pay for it in the form of higher prices and Mexico is going to be laughing its ass off because they in reality won't have to spend a cent. What Trump should have done is just say we'll pay for the damned thing and tell the Mexicans to bite the big fuzzy one.

I will say, that unlike many of his predecessors, he has actually met with the majority of the Union Leaders and had talks with them concerning jobs and job security. Which is a point in his favor. Unions Leaders aren't known to give an inch on anything. Whatever he said or told them must have been a humdinger.

One thing that I will say for Trump is that his belief in America is great. Which may be why he wants to make America Great Again. (Yeah yeah I know) There are a great many other things that he has to deal with, Obamacare being one of them, but at the end of his first one hundred days we'll have a better look at what's happening.