Sunday, January 22, 2017

Well, now we know..

Well, with a thundering clap we have suddenly determined exactly what kind of President the Trump is going to make, and frankly I have to admit that despite his foibles maybe the Obamanator might not have been quite as bad as we thought.

What does this monumental prick do??? Well, first of all no sooner is he sworn into office, he signs several orders concerning the appointment of his cabinet, but at the same time he also signs an order raising taxes. The we find out that the deal he worked with Boeing to replace Air Forces one is to take a step backwards and go from the 747 aircraft, which is basically an armored flying war room to the Boeing A25 which is essentially the flying piece of shit he's using as his personal jet. No emergency electronics, no armor, no in flight anti-missile chaff, and certainly no way of running our nation in the event of war. In actuality it's nothing more than a way to run and hide if he has to. How chickenshit can you get? The Art of the Deal my Ass!

I could be wrong, but its beginning to look as if the American People screwed themselves again. What's next? Sure they can get rid of Obamacare, but what are they going to put in its place? Oh yeah, I forgot, they are going to make it possible for the American people to purchase health insurance across state lines, and give the states more control over Medicaid and Medicare, which is a little like trying to put a forest fire out by pissing on it.

You mark my words, by the time this asshole is finished we are either going to be in the middle of a monumental Civil War, or we will have entered into a dark period that will make the dark ages of Europe look like a picnic.

Start stocking up America, its the only way you and yours are going to survive.