Thursday, November 11, 2010

Come On Guys!!

Sheesh!! A guy announces that he’s going to run for the United States Senate and every nut and screwball crawls out of the wood work to attack.

Come on guys and gals, if you are going to quote me from the blog have the decency to quote me fully and in context!

You’re beginning to make me think that all of you libs out there think that I might have a chance, or at the very least cause a few problems. And for the record, yes, I did write all of the articles in this blog and I accept the responsibility for all of them. I will point out however that when each article was written it was written based upon the circumstances of the time and the events of the day. And, they were written to make people think. That’s what I do and will continue to do.

And believe it or not, I won’t back down….