Saturday, November 20, 2010


Last night I had the occasion to attend a meeting of a group calling themselves “The New Republic”. I sat and listened to their presentation and as I did so I was forced to think about a lot of things. Most importantly why I am running for office and what good would it do. In point of fact everything they presented was correct in the context they presented it and it was disheartening and somewhat frightening.

You see I was faced with the question; “If I run for office and by some strange quirk of fate I was to succeed, what could I accomplish for my state and for my country?”

To some this question may be easily answered, but as I sat there it truly bothered me that everything I had thought and hoped I could do suddenly seemed pointless. When the presentation ended I went down stairs from the meeting hall and stood by the door and began to talk to a few of those who were in attendance and what I learned was even more frightening. It seems that this organization is well formed and extends over the entire United States. And it also seems that they have a plan that they are in the process of initiating to take control of the government. At least that’s what was indicated to me when the statement was made “We have groups in every state ready to step in and do the job.”

As I stood there listening to this I had a vision flash before my eyes of an America in absolute and total chaos at a time when America needed it’s people to stand together as one, and the idea sent a chill up my spine. So much so that I went home and spent most of the night thinking about it all, and yes, even praying.

Despite the fact some think that I am not the best candidate to run against Jeff Bingaman in New Mexico, I have a desire to attempt to make things better. Even if it means just being a part of the process and making people think about what they are saying and doing, and what they are willing to commit themselves to for their state and country.

The one thing that I have discovered over the years and have confirmed is that politicians lie. They will tell you what they think you want to hear from them at that particular moment in order to get you on their side and hopefully vote for them. They hide their true agendas and even their personal faults in order to convince you, the voter, that they are the perfect choice and that they can do the job for you and represents your needs. Once they get into office they totally ignore you, the promises they made, and what they are supposed to and go off and begin to work on their our agendas leaving you high and dry.

Which of course brings us back to me. I’m not perfect, and some may say I am a little crazy. Which if you think about it, I may well be since I am attempting to run against a 5 time incumbent and haven’t got a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of. And for the record, I am not a lawyer, I’m not rich, and I have the tact of a nuclear weapon. I’ll stand toe to toe with you and argue for what I believe to be the right course, and tell you what I think in pretty plain English.

On a more personal note, I’m just a guy who wakes up in the morning wondering what the heck I’m doing and how the heck did I survive to this point in my life? I’m full of the warts of life and the mistakes that one makes. Like most people in this day and age I have debts, responsibilities, and suffer from all of the pressures that everyday people experience and then some. And yes, I’ve made a ton of mistakes in my day and I accept the responsibility for all of them so when my opponent tries to stand there and show the public what a looser or a geek I am, I can sit there and smile sweetly and tell him or her; “Yeah, I did, but before you judge me to harshly here are the facts of what happened and what took place.

Now you ask; “What’s this got to do with what you were talking about?” It has a lot to do with it. After agonizing over the questions I was forced to ask myself, I reached the following conclusions.

Despite my failings which are many, I love my Country the United States of America. In my life time I have had the opportunity to travel to places here in our country that not very many people have. I met the people, and I have discovered just how unique and diverse they can be. I have also seen the bottom side of life and had to get out there and struggle to live just day to day. Yet at the same time I have seen just how beautiful this country truly is. I have traveled all over the world and can honestly say that there is no other place on this planet like America.

I have seen my state and its people and can tell you that New Mexico is unique for a lot of reasons, its long and colorful history, its people, and their ability to think outside of the box, but most importantly the feeling that lays within each of them that they experience and have a right to experience a freedom that no one else can or will experience. And their lack of fear.

It is because of these things that I cannot and will not accept that America can only be fixed by groups willing to attempt to take control of it and force the people and the nation to accept what they perceive to be the only solution to the problem. I will stand with our forefathers and fight to see to it that their efforts and hard work to found this nation was not in vain.

I stand committed to my Nation, my state, and its people and the belief that somehow I can and will make a positive difference that will bring about positive change in the lives of the people and our country. Even if it is just to fight the good fight. And while I may be forced to take on the mantel of politician, I will always be who I am with all of the mistakes, warts, and blemishes of life.

While there may ultimately be better candidates out there for the United States Senate, if nothing else I will make them prove it, and prove that they will represent the people and fight for what is right and good in America without reservation and without fear.