Thursday, December 9, 2010


I remember a time when political correctness wasn’t the theme of the day. Most especially around Christmas time. Now it seems that through some sort of mass migration or whatever Christmas and its meaning have taken a back seat to the government, Atheist and every nut and screwball in America.

Whether we want to accept the idea or not, the simple fact of the matter is that America was founded on Christian ideas and beliefs. Our history began with the pilgrims who came to this country and started communities and families because of religious persecution in England. Yeppers, it really happened that way and you can prove it if you take a look at the history books that were written and published fifty years ago.

Now days we don’t talk of the Christ child or his birth during Christmas because it might offend someone and their religion. Yet at the same time no one is willing to acknowledge that it was and is these beliefs in God and the Savior he sent to earth to redeem us from our sins, which by the way seem to keep building up as each day passes, that are the basic foundation of the United States.

Some argue that the separation of church and state require that God not be brought into the equation of government and politics, and I would argue that without the morals and beliefs that are a part of the Christian faith America would not be what it is today. I would also point out that the separation of church and state was not to keep moral values and thought from the actions of those who would lead our country, but to prevent the government from establishing a state religion as was done in England when Henry decided to throw the Catholic church out of England in order to allow him to continue marrying and then beheading his wives.

As a child I remember with wonder that special time of year when everyone was filled with the Christmas spirit. I remember when family would come together and exchange the news of what was happening in their lives, and we would share their joy and sometimes even their sorrow offering what support we could.

I remember seeing the homeless receiving gratefully that one meal a year that meant so much not just because it filled their bellies, but because it validated the fact that even during rough times there was someone who believed enough or cared enough to follow God’s word and look after his fellow man.

We are expected as Americans to be tolerant of all religious beliefs, even when those beliefs would destroy both ourselves and America, yet as a whole Americans try to keep the spirit of the season.

Christmas celebrates the Birth of Jesus Christ who was sent by God to redeem us from our sins and allow us to be able to ask forgiveness of god for those sins. I can’t help but wonder what god is thinking of us now.

In any event, as politically incorrect as it is…MERRY CHRISTMAS, oh yeah, and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR.