Friday, July 20, 2012


Sometimes the world throws us a curve ball that is difficult to understand or accept. What took place at the Midnight showing of Batman in Aurora, Colorado is an example of that.

While there may be times when I write this blog, it may seem that I am full of contradictions. In this case, I can only ask what everyone else is asking; Why? Why did this individual do this horrible and ghastly thing? We may never know the answer to this question and we may never really have any kind of understanding for whatever kind of illness, or sick perversity drove this person.
At this moment, there are families, friends, and the rest of us trying to make sense of it. Families are just now coming to understand that their loved ones are no more, or that those who survived will be changed forever in ways that none of us will ever understand.
The perpetrator, who I will not dignify by naming, because it seems it is fame he seeks, is currently in custody. What the eventual penalty for this crime is will most likely not be enough.  No matter what happens there will be no satisfaction to the families and surviving victims of this heinous crime.
May God grant the families and the victims’ peace in this time of tragedy. May he give them the secure knowledge that justice will be done, and may he bring sense to all of this. As a nation, no matter our political affiliations, lifestyles, or religious background we come together to give our condolences and assurances that all of you are in our prayers.
If ever there was a time when this country needed a Caped Crusader, it’s now.