Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Sieg heil Trump!

As you can tell by the title of this blog, there are some very serious questions which have arisen recently concerning Trump and his followers. Interestingly, for those of you who have studied the rise and fall of the Third Reich you can see the similarities between Hitler’s rise and now Trumps rise in the American political spectrum.

As with Hitler, Trump seems to have hit a corresponding bell with many of the American public with regards to their anger at what the government is or is not doing to serve the needs of America and for that matter for Trump’s followers. As I look upon both Hitler and Trump. I see the similarities between the two and they are astounding and frightening. Hitler came to power in a country during a time when its economy was bottoming out, its people were starving, there were no jobs, and the basic infrastructure of the country was disintegrating. Surprisingly, Trump is doing exactly the same thing and the people are eating it up like a dog goes after a piece of raw meat.

Many people have told me that I just imagining things, but again I say to them. History does repeat itself. And if you look closely you will see the comparisons match one another with almost heart rendering accuracy. Now all of a sudden we are beginning to see an aspect of the Trump campaign and Hitler’s political rise that is astounding to those of us who have taken the time to study it. That being of course the violence that seems to be taking place at Trump rallies. All of a sudden during these rallies, If there is anyone who objects or dares to ask legitimate questions. They are attacked by Trump’s supporters and ejected from the rallies. Sometimes these attacks are vicious, bloody, and without real provocation. Much like what took place during Hitler’s rallies and his brown shirts, who stood by to ensure that everyone agreed with Hitler and his policies.

The media is of course playing this down; however, we cannot escape the fact that it is taking place. So far in the primary elections, Trump is taking the lead in almost all elections. It is beginning to look like Trump will be the next Republican candidate for the presidency, and will achieve this lofty goal. There is no telling what will happen once he is sworn in. During the first years of Hitler’s rule in the rise of the Third Reich, it is reported that Hitler did a lot of good for the German Republic in providing jobs better pay a better economic situation, and the people prospered. However, as time passed and his grip on Germany tightened the Reichstag. Germany’s version of Congress or Parliament suddenly burned to the ground and Hitler disbanded it. Will this happen in America? And what will happen to the American people? Will policy suddenly come down from the government dealing with eugenics and racial purity, taking those poor souls who suffer from birth defects or mental disabilities and placing them in hospitals sterilizing them to prevent them from spreading defective genes? Will they suddenly be placed in hospitals where they are exterminated and the families told that they died of the flu or some other disease? Will the reasoning become it was an act of kindness or it was an act of mercy because they could not function in a world that could not deal with them either economically, or emotionally? Will our Christian values suddenly be put aside for some form of ancient ritual as it was in Germany? Will the Jews once again become the target of extermination? Or will it be some other race that is picked out this time, possibly the American Indian, possibly the Blacks, or what other race that is considered inferior to that of the governing body?

I am not saying that this will happen, but I am saying it could happen because as before. I have said. History repeats itself and strangely enough with Trump. History is repeating itself in frightening ways. The American people must be made to understand that common sense requires that they use their heads and participate in the government of this country. We’ve seen Marco Rubio dropout which leaves Trump and Ted Cruz, and I have to ask the question; who will win the battle who will win the fight to save America from having history repeat itself? I could be wrong about Trump, I’ve been wrong about a lot of things before, but at the same time I and others like me have been right about a lot of things that have come to pass over the last eight years. We have stood up. We have shouted. We’ve tried to make the American people understand what is happening. We have predicted with some accuracy as to what will happen, particularly with Obama care, yet no one seems interested, and no one seems willing to do nothing more than pay lip service to a fight that must and will eventually take place. Toward the end of the Second World War, even the Germans began to understand what was happening and those with courage attempted to stand up and eliminate Adolf Hitler. Their failure resulted in their horrible deaths, and by the time they attempted to try a second time the allied forces were making serious inroads into Germany and Europe reclaiming what the Nazis had taken in the beginning. We don’t have that luxury, we don’t have allied forces willing to come into this country and fight for our freedoms as we fought for. Theirs’s. What we have is a conglomeration of countries that want to see America fall and be destroyed, and it is my belief that Trump will help them succeed. The Republican Party must do something to stop this before it takes root and before America is destroyed.

Donald Trump is not the answer!